Incheon Smart City Corporation is Incheon Metropolitan City's IT service company
specialized in consulting, designing, building and operating smart cities.

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CEO's Message

The leader in smart cities,
developing smart integrated platforms,
and building the first SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) in the public sector in Korea!

Incheon Smart City Corporation is a corporation 100% financed by Incheon Metropolitan City with a team of specialists with proven skills and expertise that plans, designs, implements, serves and operates smart cities leading the 4th Industrial Revolution Generation.

Incheon Smart City Corporation was established as a PPP (Public and Private Partnership) corporation with Incheon Metropolitan City in May 2012 and became a corporation 100% owned by Incheon Metropolitan City in April 2018. Incheon Smart City Corporation integrated data from Songdo, Yeongjong and Cheongna into one smart control center, reducing operational costs and saving space.

Incheon Smart City Corporation utilizes advanced technology necessary to smart cities to solve urban problems and operates various businesses to create safer and more comfortable lives to citizens. Additionally, Incheon Smart City Corporation makes continuous efforts to develop sustainable business models based on its know-how, devotes itself to the creation of public interests and leads overseas exports. Incheon Smart City Corporation will continue to do its utmost to contribute to industrial development and ensure the best value is delivered to all.

Thank you.

Song Gi Wook
CEO of Incheon Smart City Corporation