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Privacy Policies

Incheon Smart City Corporation Website Privacy Policies

Incheon Smart City Corporation Website protects personal data according to the Article 30 of the Personal Data Protection Act, and established the following Privacy Policies in order to handle related matters promptly and effectively.

1. Personal data collection and handling purpose

Incheon Smart City Corporation Website (http://www.ismartcity.co.kr) processes personal data exclusively for the following purposes:
- Personal identification and confirmation of the user of the Online Support, service supply, etc. according to the provision of services
- Personal data collected and saved automatically: Data such as the IP, visit records, etc. are collected and saved automatically when the Incheon Smart City Corporation’s Website is used
- Data collected and saved automatically will be used for statistical analysis in order to improve and supplement this Website for the provision of better services to users.

2. Personal data processing and use period

① Personal data agreed to be collected is processed and stored during the period allowed by related laws.
② The precise personal data processing and storage period are as follows:
- Online support processing: until email remittance is refused or the related service is completed

3. Provision of personal data to third parties

Incheon Smart City Corporation Website (http://www.ismartcity.co.kr) does not provide personal data to third parties except for cases related to the Article 17 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

4. Personal data main agent’s rights, duties and exercising methods

① Personal data main agent has the right to inquire, rectify, delete, request processing suspension, etc. of personal data related to the Incheon Smart City Corporation Website.
② The exercise of rights according to the Clause 1 can be requested in writing, by telephone, e-mail, FAX, etc., and Incheon Smart City Corporation is to take the necessary measures immediately.
③ When the personal data main agent requests rectification or deletion of errors on personal data, Incheon Smart City Corporation shall not utilize or provide the related personal data until the request is rectified or deleted.
④ The rights specified by Clause 1 can be exercised through a legal agent or a nominated person. In this case, a letter of attorney edited according to the specifications of the Appendix No. 11 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Personal Data Protection Act must be submitted.
⑤ The data main agent must not infringe his/her own personal data, others’ personal data and private life data being processed by Incheon Smart City Corporation violating related laws such as the Personal Data Protection Act, etc.

5. Personal data processed

- For online support provision: name, email, telephone number

6. Personal data cancellation

Data input to use the services of the related corporation shall be cancelled immediately as soon as the related service and the purpose of personal data processing were completed.

7. Person responsible for the personal data protection

① Incheon Smart City Corporation designated the following person as responsible for the handling of dissatisfactions and damage relief related to the processing of personal data collected by this Website:
          ▶ Name of the person responsible for personal data protection: Kang Jeong Hyun
                Contact no.: +82-32-458-5714
          ※ Part of the Personal Data Protection Department.

② Inquiries related to personal data dissatisfactions, damage relief, etc. encountered during the provision of services of Incheon Smart City Corporation can be directed to the person in charge and the related Department. Incheon Smart City Corporation will try to reply and process your inquiry promptly.

8. Personal data safety guarantee

Incheon Smart City Corporation takes the necessary measures for the safety guarantee of personal data as follows, according to the Article 29 of the Personal Data Protection Act:
① Minimization and training of personal data handling personnel
Incheon Smart City Corporation enforces measures to control personal data by restricting and minimizing the handling of personal data.

9. Alterations to handling policies of personal data

① Personal data handling policies are applied from the enforcement date and if alterations are added, deleted and revised according to laws and policies, it must be notified 7 days prior to the enforcement of the related alteration.

10. Details related to the installation and operation of devices of automatic personal data collection

①The Company shall save data to provide customized and individual services using the frequently utilized ‘Cookies’.
②Cookie is a small text file sent to the computer browser of users by the server (http) used to operate the Website, and might also be saved in the hard disk of the user’s personal computer.
  A. Use purpose of Cookie: it is used to understand the visit and use form of each service visited by the user, popular search words, security access, etc. , and to provide optimized information to users.
  B. Cookie installation, operation and refusal: the saving of Cookie can be refused by setting the menu option as follows: Tools > Internet Option > Personal Data Menu
  C. Difficulties and restrictions may be faced in the use of customized services if the saving of Cookie is refused.