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Legal Notification and Disclaimer

1.Legal Notification and Disclaimer

Thank you very much for visiting the Website of Incheon Smart City Corporation. Please refer to legal restrictions and prohibitions related to this site and other related sites.

Visitors may use or save information from this Website for private purposes only. Documents or links from this server can be added to private Websites of users. However, this site is an information asset of exclusive possession of Incheon Smart City Corporation. Incheon Smart City Corporation invested funds, time and effort in this Website.

Such assets are not limited to information related to copyright, trademark rights and technology. Incheon Smart City Corporation provides possessed information assets in written, visual, audio, files, links and source code (referred as service and data hereafter) forms. Incheon Smart City Corporation reserves all the rights related to such services and data.

Such services and data were provided exclusively for the convenience of customers of Incheon Smart City Corporation. Incheon Smart City Corporation does not grant the intellectual property rights to its customers with relation to services and data provided. Incheon Smart City Corporation does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of services and data of this or related sites. Therefore, information from this site shall not be used as reference for decisions related to profits, except when special advice is provided in writing.

Additionally, Incheon Smart City Corporation denies any guarantee for selling purposes related to the server or data including its relevancy under special purposes. Incheon Smart City Corporation does not take responsibility for any direct, indirect, accidental, punitive or obligatory damages related to services and data.

2. Refusal of unauthorized collection of email

Unauthorized collection of email address posted in this Website through email collection programs or other technical devices are strictly prohibited, and criminal charges will be applied according to the Information and Communication Network Act in case of violation.