Incheon Smart City Corporation is Incheon Metropolitan City's IT service company
specialized in consulting, designing, building and operating smart cities.

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System Operation

Smart City CCTV Control (24h)

  • ⦁ Crime Prevention CCTV, emergency monitoring
  • ⦁ Emergency report and preliminary response
  • ⦁ Tracking in case of emergency and result report
  • ⦁ Emergency bell response and prevention guidance

  • Smart City Technical Operation Support (24h)

  • ⦁ IFEZ Smart City Software Platform Operation
  • ⦁ Incident Software and on-site hardware line defect response and management
  • ⦁ S-service operation such as database, middleware, S-crime prevention, S-traffic, S-facility management, etc. and defect status analysis/report

  • Smart City Service Control

  • ⦁ Control Center control in case of incident and police support
  • ⦁ Civil petition handling and on-site team linking in case of defect
  • ⦁ Related authorities response
  • ⦁ Data statistics related to incidents
  • ⦁ Image control personnel and control program operation

  • Smart City On-site Facilities Maintenance and Repair Team

    1. On-site facilities integrated maintenance and repair / On-site facilities management
  • ⦁ CCTV maintenance and repair - parking enforcement CCTV, vehicle plate identification (AVI), etc.
  • ⦁ BIT, VMS maintenance and repair - bus information terminal, traffic VMS, etc.
  • ⦁ Wired and wireless network maintenance and repair - public data network, etc.
  • ⦁ Traffic lights controller maintenance and repair

  • Smart City Software Platform Technical Support Team

  • Smart City Hardware Platform Technical Support Team / Smart City Cloud Data Center Engineer

    1. Integrated Platform S-Service Category
  • ⦁ IFEZ Smart City Software Platform Operation
  • ⦁ Smart City Service Application Operation
  • ⦁ Smart City Platform Software(DB, Middleware, Source, Batch, etc.) Operation
  • ⦁ Development Software and Commercial Software Defect Response and Control
  • ⦁ Smart City Service Application Improvement and Service Expansion Response
  • ⦁ Software, Center Repair and Maintenance and Update Support (technical support)

    1. Integrated Data Center (Cloud Center)
  • ⦁ IFEZ Smart-City Hardware Platform Operation (SDDC System Equipment and Network/Security Equipment, Facility
  • ⦁ Legacy System Equipment (Unix Server, Storage, Backup, etc.), Network and Security Equipment (Router, L2/L3/L4 Switch, Firewall, IPS, VPN, etc.)

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