Incheon Smart City Corporation is Incheon Metropolitan City's IT service company
specialized in consulting, designing, building and operating smart cities.

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Incheon Smart City Corporation!
Developing livable and citizen-centered global leading smart cities!

2020 ~
Jun. Support of 'Incheon Smart City Corporation'
* Service Scope: From Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) to the entire Incheon Metropolitan City area

2018 ~
Apr. Changes in the equity of Incheon Metropolitan City (28.57%→100%)
Jul. Office relocation (4th Floor Culture Annex G-Tower, Songdo)

2017 ~
Mar. Establishment of the Incheon Smart City Corporation's Research Center
Aug. Corporation name changed to Incheon Smart City Corporation
Nov. Revision of Ordinances related to the operation support of Incheon Smart City Corporation

Jan. Disposal of CENTIOS portion (1 major stockholder: Incheon Metropolitan City)
Mar. Enactment of Ordinances related to the operation support of Incheon U-City Corporation

Jul. Designated as a public service-related organization

Jan. Acquisition of the Information Technology Business License
May Office relocation (21st Floor Main Building G-Tower, Songdo)
Sep. Acquisition of Temporary Work Permit
Oct. Engineering Licensee Registration

Apr. Agreement closed among stockholders (Incheon Metropolitan City-CENTIOS) to establish a PPP
May Establishment of Incheon U-City Corporation
Dec. Software Licensee Registration

Nov. Agreement closed to establish a U-City PPP
Dec. Passed the Investment Agreement City Council