Incheon Smart City Corporation is Incheon Metropolitan City's IT service company
specialized in consulting, designing, building and operating smart cities.

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Research & Development


    The Technology Research Center of Incheon Smart City Corporation is conducting research and development projects related to smart cities to central and local government authorities. It holds core technologies of smart cities compatible to the 4th Industrial Revolution including IoT, Cloud, AI, Big Data, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), etc. with the best experts in the area who are working to the expansion of smart cities alongside prospective organizations and national and international research and academic institutes.

Research Areas


    1. Smart environment service R&D and demonstration converging the smart city integrated platform and drone solutions (Jun 17 to Aug 19)
    2. IoT intelligent self-driving smart CRM platform R&D and demonstration (Nov 17 to Jan 20)
    3. Smart port environment control platform R&D and demonstration to improve air quality in the Incheon Port area (Aug 19 to Mar 21)
    4. KSB AI platform-based air quality prediction platform and traffic volume prediction services in islands (Feb 20 to Nov 21)
    5. R&D of technologies applied on the smart sewage platform (May 21 to May 22)