Incheon Smart City Corporation is Incheon Metropolitan City's IT service company
specialized in consulting, designing, building and operating smart cities.

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CEO's Message

The only smart city specialist in Korea fully invested by the local government.
The Global Service Leader that provides services related to the entire lifecycle of smart city projects – from consulting services to design, implementation, operation and maintenance using innovative Fourth Industrial Revolution technology!

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Incheon Smart City Corporation is a corporation 100% financed by Incheon Metropolitan City with a team of specialists leading the 4th Industrial Revolution Generation with proven skills and expertise, planning, designing, implementing, serving and operating smart cities with cutting-edge ICT.

Incheon Smart City Corporation was established as a PPP (Public and Private Partnership) corporation with Incheon Metropolitan City in May 2012 and became a corporation 100% owned by Incheon Metropolitan City in April 2018.

Incheon Smart City Corporation is reducing operational costs by integrating data from Songdo International City, Yeongjong and Cheongna into one single Operation Center. It utilizes advanced technology necessary to smart cities to solve urban problems and operates various businesses to create safer and more comfortable lives to citizens.

Additionally, Incheon Smart City Corporation is dedicating itself to the development of sustainable business models based on its
know-how and doing its utmost to contribute to business improvement by creating public interests to citizens and leading overseas exports.

Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Na Ki Un
CEO of Incheon Smart City Corporation